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hank's Journal
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Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
1:16 am
Table lamp at Doc Watson's

Table lamp at Doc Watson's
Originally uploaded by dionwrbear
I am *very* proud of this one.
Thursday, June 19th, 2008
7:55 am
Moon behind the Bridge

Moon behind the Bridge
Originally uploaded by dionwrbear
Final shot of the moon, this time behind the Aurora bridge. Don't know why, but this shot just appealed to me.
7:55 am
Moon over Seattle

Moon over Seattle
Originally uploaded by dionwrbear
Another shot of the moon last night, over Seattle.
7:54 am
The Bridge and the Moon

The Bridge and the Moon
Originally uploaded by dionwrbear
The moon was just too wonderful last night, so I went out and shot photos of it.
Monday, June 16th, 2008
10:17 am
Cloudscape 4

Cloudscape 4
Originally uploaded by dionwrbear
The view out my office, one day a few weeks ago.
10:16 am
King St station, seen from International District
Went for dim sum with the Loren MacGregors, Tom Whitmore, the other Karen Anderson and her husband. Going back to the car, I was struck by the contrast between the station and the Chinese gate at the edge of the ID.
10:14 am
A glimpse of green

A glimpse of green
Originally uploaded by dionwrbear
At the corner of my apartment building, where a small shrub hangs on, against all the odds.
Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
11:24 pm
Tired, and getting tireder
AS some of you know, I am in the final stages of the first quarter of my programming course, which has managed to hit at the same time we're having an all-hands-on-deck moment at work.

And I've spent the evening fiddling with a code module that isn't working and I don't know WHY it isn't working, and I'm feeling stupid and dul. "Dul" being the lower-key, low-energy, half-assed version of "dull," as opposed to a typo I'm trying vainly to cover for.

The best I've got right now is that come what may, the final project has to be turned in by the end of the evening on Friday, and Saturday morning, I *WILL* sleep in.

To the friends who've asked why they haven't been hearing from me, I expect to do better when the quarter is over. Bear with me a little longer, folks, and wish me well.

Keep reminding yourself, as I do, that I actually volunteered for this.

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
6:32 am
Fun with photography
Spent a lovely evening posting a bunch of photos onto Flickr, and learning more of the intricacies of Adobe Lightroom.

And made my first major "oops!" with the program, when I discovered it had somehow gotten a setting changed so that it uploaded everything for about an hour at low resoulution. I figure I accidentally tripped a control to do that. So I spent several more hours, undoing those uploads and putting the high-res shots up. And learned to check my settings for the upload control.

This is a favorite of this group. You sure can't beat Seattle for dramatic cloudscapes.

The bridge and the clouds.jpg

And I'm still struggling, trying to add an identity plate/copyright notice to the photos I'm uploading here. Is there anyone in Adobe documentation whose original language is English?

Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, May 5th, 2008
2:34 am
Coming back to LJ

The street at night

Originally uploaded by dionwrbear
It was with some surprise that I realized I hadn't posted anything in a year. I've been reading my friend's posts, to keep track of them, but I haven't had much to say for myself.

The big thing for the last year for me has been going back to sea, as a part of my job. That's been a mixed experience. I still don't like being away from home and friends, but it was necessary, and I felt needed and useful.

I'm also gotten very much back into photography, which I'd gotten away from many years ago. That is actually part of why I'm posting. I have pictures up on Flickr, and I'd like to know what folks think of them.

I have even (finally!) posted the pictures from Orycon last November. Cut me some slack on that one--I was mostly out of town, from the start of December to the middle of March.

This night shot of the street outside my place at night is probably the one I'm proudest of. I took many shots but I was able to make it look like I wanted it to.
Friday, May 25th, 2007
8:09 am
Fun with chemicals
My new and interesting thing of this week was an experiment with fabric softener sheets.

I got a box of these things to clean off some books which I gave to a friend for a birthday present. The books (a complete collection of the Thousand and One Nights by Richard Burton--seventeen or eighteen volumes of it) had been in the house with a very fervent smoker. As an ex-firefighter, though, I knew just how to get the smoke smell out. First, you dust the entire book, every page, with fabric softener sheets. Then you put each book into a ziploc bag with a briquet of charcoal for a week. At the end of that time--voilá! No smoke smell.

It worked like a champ, but I made the mistake of buying my fabric softener sheets at Costco. Result: a five year supply of fabric softener sheets, even after using 50 of them cleaning the books.

SO, I figured to try them in my laundry and live in the sybaritic luxury of softened sheets and clothes. I did my laundry last Sunday.

On Wednesday, I wore a pair of socks from that load.

I noticed, late in the day, that my feet were sore and seemed to be a bit itchy. When I got home from work, I threw off my shoes and socks and got the shock of my life.

My feet were the exact shade that lobsters turn when you boil them. I was smart enough to wash them, thoroughly, right then.

The next morning, the Doc-in-the-Box at Denny and Boren confirmed what I knew: I have a Skin Sensitivity, and shouldn't use the fabric softener sheets again. (That'll be $90, thank you.) The skin on my feet turned crusty, like a scab, and they hurt and itched.

Over the last few days, it has subsided to just an itch, which takes off from your concentration somewhat. My only regret is that I didn't think to take a picture when my feet were still bright, shiny red. But I also have the relief that I discovered this because of a pair of socks, instead of a pair of underwear. Thank you, Baby Jesus!

Current Mood: itchy
Monday, February 12th, 2007
9:46 pm
My favorite of my own shots

Originally uploaded by dionwrbear.
I used to do photography professionally, though it's many years ago. This is the one I'm proudest of, as it's a found shot that worked like magic. Given that it's in film, I should probably scan it again to make a higher quality digital version.

9:15 pm
The sun opening up the bay

The sun opening up the bay
Originally uploaded by dionwrbear.
We got to work last week to see a really ghostly scene, with the fog shrouding Elliott Bay--and then it all cleaned up in less than half an hour. This shot, with the fog burning off and the sunlight full on lighting the bright red ship in the midst of all the gray and blue, was a great found shot.
Thursday, January 11th, 2007
11:21 pm
Unreasonable gladness and the Comet McNaught
I've been sick for a few days, and having a rough week generally.

And then I read in the paper that Comet McNaught would be visible tonight at sunset. I realized I'd never seen a comet before in my life.

The ones that were supposed to astonish us turned to fizzles. Anyone else here remember Kahoutek? Halley's comet made no impression beyond the boring endless discussions of how to correctly pronounce it. I tried to see Hale-Bopp, but it wasn't ever visible from the places I was living at the time.

But I was curious, and I made a point of going out onto the west dock where I work as the sun went down at the end of the day, looking with hope into the sky.

There wasn't anything there for quite a while. A fellow I work with gave up after a few minutes and went home. Or maybe it just seemed a long time, what with the cold. But then it sorta came slowly into focus and brightness, up there in the western sky. It took ten minutes, but it turned into a child's crayon drawing of what we expect a comet to look like, moving slowly down the horizon as the day passed away into darkness.

I tried to get a picture with a terrible old digital camera we have at work, but I wasn't successful, and it didn't bother me. It was enough to have seen it. ( Though my friend seattlesparks got a really nifty shot which she's put up on her Flickr site, at http://www.flickr.com/photos/packet/354389974/ ) (Note to self: get a place to post the picture so I can put it right into the LJ posting.)

It wouldn't have been so impressive if you didn't know what it was, and how far away it was. But seeing it made me unreasonably happy. There are still things out there we haven't seen, if we'll just stop and look for them. I went home from work feeling that more is possible.

Current Mood: hopeful
Sunday, May 28th, 2006
1:15 pm
Another meme

Which Doctor (from Doctor Who) Are You?

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Saturday, May 20th, 2006
3:05 pm
The Year in Spielberg
In response to some requests, here's my review/feature about last year's movies of Steven Spielberg:


My reviews can be found on the site, under the name "dionwr," which was taken from the Mabinogen.

Current Mood: cheerful
9:04 am
What wood I be.... :)
Rather than getting sent this by anyone from LJ, my brother Andy emailed this one to me. I was bemused by the idea of what sort of tree I'd make.

I should also note that the entry for Andy, a walnut tree (October 24), with its corresponding attributes, in no way resembles the Andy I've known and argued with for 46 years.

The website this came from has a number of other silly meme things, but I also particularly liked the World's shortest personality test.

You Are An Apple Tree

You are quiet and shy at times, but you have lots of charm and appeal.

You are quite attractive: your pleasant attitude, flirtatious smile, and adventurous spirit draw people in.

Sensitive and loyal in love, you want to love and be loved.

You are a faithful and tender partner - who is generous in sharing your many talents.

You love children, and you need an affectionate partner.

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
9:50 am
Brought to you by the letter G
akirlu assigned me the letter G.

Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: thoughtful
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
8:12 am
Incident on the playground
Yesterday afternoon, I saw something interesting on a local playground.

I was on Capitol Hill here in Seattle, running some errands for my work. I was at a locksmith's store next to a local junior high school, waiting while they made some keys. It was the middle of the afternoon, and a bunch of kids, boys and girls, were out playing. These kids were about 12 or 13, by my estimate.

One boy was teasing a particular girl in that apprentice aggressive way boys do when our hormones are turning on, we don't understand it, and we don't know what to do with it. The girl finally went to the teacher watching over the group and complained, and the teacher half-heartedly told the boy to "calm down," but he spent longer than that telling the girl that she needed to "tough it out." And that if she didn't react to it, the boy wouldn't tease her. I didn't think much of the guy.

Then the teacher left them, going inside for some reason.

With the teacher gone, the bully immediately went after the girl for telling on him. She had a bookbag/purse, and he grabbed it and started playing keep-away with it. Looking into it, he pulled out a tampax and started crowing, holding it up for everyone to see. The girl was near tears.

And that's when things got really interesting. Another boy jumped over, grabbed first the tampax and then the bookbag away from the bully (pushing him onto his ass as he did so), and told him, loudly, to, "Stop picking on her!"

The bully reacted as you'd expect, and you soon had two boys pushing at each other on the playground. It was less than thirty seconds later that the teacher reappeared, attracted by the noise probably, and pulled them apart.

Asked what was going on, the bully was indignant that Kevin (the second boy) had attacked him for no reason. Kevin said that Jared (the bully) was being "a dick," but then he turned on the teacher and said, "And it's your fault! You didn't stop him when he was teasing Cindy! He's always teasing the girls and picking on them, and you don't do anything about it!"

The teacher rather angrily told Kevin to calm down, but Kevin went right on telling the teacher off. The teacher, who looked like he'd eaten a sour egg, did the grade school perp walk with Kevin, taking him off to be disciplined holding on to his arm, while he told Jared the bully to come to the office, without bothering to restrain him.

It was upsetting to see poor Kevin getting punished for that, but I also found it promising. Whoever Kevin's parents are, they raised him with a sense of good and bad behavior free of the "Boys will be boys" excuses that were standard when I was growing up, and which Jared the bully and his teacher both still obviously subscribe to.

Kevin needs to learn to be a bit more politic about telling his teachers about their shortcomings (and my family would be most amused to read that, coming from ME), but I couldn't help liking him.
Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
5:00 pm
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